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VIP World Medical, powered by Multiwin International S&T Group (founded in 2008), is an international healthcare consulting organization to provide one stop & personalized solutions for patients worldwide. VIP World Medical is committed to the integration of the world's top medical resources to provide patients personalized services, including 1) helping patients get the authoritative medical advice, 2) providing a second path to solve major medical illness, 3) helping patients with comprehensive, authoritative and reliable medical treatment in USA. Furthermore, VIP World Medical also provides hospitals and physicians with a strong communication platform for international exchange and sharing of international medical resources, to promote and improve the level of medical health care.

VIP World Medical has collaborated with world-class medical experts, so you can get live video (face to face) medical advice, second medical opinion service, the possibility of receiving medical treatment in USA, etc. Once you decide to receive medical treatment in USA, your previous consulting medical expert will be your treating physician. VIP World Medical will provide patients “green channel” for your visit, including other renowned specialist recommendation (depending on your conditional needs), renowned hospital referral services, transportation, and the entire follow-up medical services to ensure medical quality and speed. Our team is dedicated to cater to the needs of each patient, and provides patients convenient, efficient and safe medical services.

VIP World Medical will always adhere to the patients first and help patients receive the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right medical care. In order to ensure quality of service, VIP World Medical has set up the professional service team to provide personalized services for patients worldwide. Through our seamless links to all areas of services, all of your difficulties, such as the choice of doctor, appointments, medical fee waiver request, transportation, medical translation, etc. will be solved. We have professionals to provide you with the most intimate and meticulous service.

Our Team:

1. World-class medical experts
VIP World Medical has collaborated with world-class medical experts to provide patients with top medical advice and treatment services.

2. Professional medical advisers
We are equipped with qualified clinical practitioners to collect and organize patient’s medical records, such as testing, imaging and pathological data, etc.

3 Professional medical translation
The professional practitioner doctors in USA will serve as medical interpreters.

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