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Personalized Health Management Services

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Problems and Solutions in Medical Treatment & Chronic Disease Management

Concerns about medical treatment

Choosing an authoritative hospital and doctor that suits your condition

Ensuring effective communication between doctors and patients with disordered medical records

Getting timely and targeted answers to medical problems and health concerns before, during or after treatment

Completing health management after treatment/Updating medical records

Exploring better and more effective treatments

Barriers to chronic disease management

Inadequate understanding of or attention toward their condition

Fragmentation of medical information or incomplete medical records

Discontinuous chronic disease management

Failure to take intervention measures for chronic diseases, resulting in aggravation of the disease

Reliance on personal advice rather than professional insight

Our Solution

Utilizing partnerships with thousands of authoritative physicians and long-term cooperative relationships with hospitals, VIP World Medical provides our Personalized Health Management Services program enriched with experience handling medical treatment and chronic disease management.

Our Three-System Solution

The Personalized Health Management Services include 3 major systems: the medical record management system, the medical treatment management system, and the written health or medical consultation system. Together, they help members to obtain correct chronic disease management, scientific diagnosis and treatment, and peace of mind.

Medical Record Management System
Members clearly understand their physical condition, the disease development process, and therapeutic intervention options, which lay the foundation for subsequent scientific diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Treatment Management System
VIP World Medical will cooperate closely with members and help them complete the medical diagnosis and treatments in a smooth, efficient, and science-backed manner.

Written Consultation System
Members get targeted answers from corresponding medical experts for any questions about health, disease, diagnosis and treatment rather than shallow or vague answers, which greatly avoids misdiagnosis, inadequate or inappropriate health care.

Solution 1:
Medical Record Management System

Current Status: Medical records are disorganized and unable to clearly present patients' physical conditions, diagnosis, and treatments to physicians.

Our Solution: The medical record management system helps members organize and store medical records by separating them into categories and filing them in chronological order. VIP World Medical health professionals will also write health statement reports for members.

The medical records and health statement report are stored in the VIP World Medical's medical record management system (with password protection) and can be reviewed or downloaded by the member at any time. Whenever a member makes a new diagnosis or treatment, the files can be updated and revised at the member's convenience.

Solution 2: Medical Treatment Management System

Current Status: When a physical condition develops, patients do not understand their own disease and hospitals' advantages or disadvantages. They often "go to the doctor indiscriminately when they are sick", which often causes anxiety. As a result, misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment may also occur.

Our Solution: VIP World Medical's professionals will help members obtain scientific healthcare and peace of mind from these 6 aspects below:

Selection of hospitals and doctors
VIP World Medical's professionals will learn more about member's diseases, location, insurance, and requirements and choose the hospitals and doctors that best suit the member's condition. The members can choose locally or nationally best hospitals.

Scheduling appointments
VIP World Medical's professionals will assist members to make appointments with selected primary care physicians, specialists, or hospitals in their hometown or national wide.

Preparation for seeing doctors
VIP World Medical's professionals will prepare organized medical records and health statement reports that clearly explain members' physical condition, diseases, previous diagnosis & treatments so that the doctors can make correct diagnoses and treatments.

Updated medical records
Members upload the new diagnosis and treatments to VIP World Medical's medical record management system. Our professionals will update members' health statement reports.

Personalized prognosis management plan
VIP World Medical's experts will provide members with personalized prognosis management plans, including precautions, daily care, nutrition, etc. during or after treatments.

New treatment opportunities
For diseases for which there is currently no better treatment, VIP World Medical's professionals will help members find the most cutting-edge medical information or new treatment opportunities.

Solution 3: Written Health or Medical Consultation System

Current Status: In most cases, patients have a lot of questions about their health status, symptoms, diseases, diagnoses, and treatments. For example, how to cooperate with doctors for active treatment, how to take proper care of their health, how to make a correct health decision, etc. These problems not only plague patients but also affect the treatment and prognosis management of the disease.

Our Solutions: When members have questions about health conditions, chronic diseases or other illnesses, diagnoses, treatment, etc., they can ask their questions through VIP World Medical's consultation system at any time.

VIP World Medical will choose experts corresponding to the disease category of the questions. For example, questions about diabetes will be directed to endocrinologists; questions about heart diseases will go to cardiologists; questions about cancer will be answered by oncologists, etc. The corresponding experts will provide targeted professional answers based on members' health statement reports in about 24-48 hours.

The written health consultation includes:
1. A comprehensive annual health assessment
2. Prognosis management plans
3. Professional answers to patients' questions

How We Make a Difference

Non-members: Are my medical record complete and orderly?
Members: VIP World Medical professionals help members organize their medical records to be complete, orderly, and up to date.

Non-members: Will my health problems be answered professionally?
Members: Corresponding healthcare professionals will answer members' health or medical questions in a targeted and timely manner.

Non-members: Is my choice of doctor and hospital correct?
Members: We choose local/national hospitals & doctors based on members' diseases and conditions.

Non-members: Can appointments be scheduled smoothly?
Members: VIP World Medical staff assists members to make appointments with selected hospitals and doctors.

Non-members: Is the doctor-patient communication thorough?
Members: We prepare professional, organized medical records and health statement reports for doctors.

Non-members: Are there annual health assessments?
Members: Our health professionals provide comprehensive annual health assessments based on physical exam and diseases.

Non-members: Is the nursing and healthcare appropriate?
Members: VIP World Medical's experts provide the correct nursing or healthcare advice according to the health condition/disease.

Non-members: Are there prognosis plans after treatments?
Members: We provide personalized prognosis management plans based on physical and disease conditions.

Non-members: Are there better treatments available?
Members: Our health professionals will help members find better treatment opportunities according to their disease.

About VIP World Medical: A premier platform that brings together authoritative physicians, hospitals, and medical tourism worldwide.

VIP World Medical is certified by and registered with the federal government and the Texas state government. As an international leading health management, medical consultation, and medical service platform, it is committed to becoming the world's top medical resource integrator, bringing together thousands of famous doctors, professors, and related institutions to provide members with cutting-edge health education, health management, clinical consultation, and medical tourism in the .

Well-Known Physicians
Long-term collaborative relationships with thousands of well-known doctors, covering all clinical departments and specialties

Authoritative Hospitals
Partnerships with hundreds of hospitals in more than 80 cities in the United States and other countries.

Medical Treatment in
Personalized services including medical record translation, making appointments, visa support, hotel booking, private car pick-up, accompaniment, etc.

Service Characteristics and Advantages

Authoritative medical expert team: Thousands of authoritative doctors help members obtain professional health management and scientific advice to avoid misdiagnoses and inappropriate treatment.

Full coverage of clinical majors: Disciplines cover all clinical majors, and members can obtain full health management and the medical advice they need.

Accurate, fast, and personalized professional services: Doctors are selected according to the needs and health status of members and provide personalized professional services to the member.

One-stop solution to health problems: Based on our resource advantages and service experience, we provide members with convenient, considerate health management services.

Please feel free to email us by for the details about Personalized Health Management Services.

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