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Remote Consultation
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Introduction of Remote Consultation

More and more patients are suffering from misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and unnecessary surgery which bring great pain and injury to patients worldwide. So seeking second opinion can help patients make the right decisions about their health. 

Remote medical advice is that the well-known physicians provide further diagnosis of the patient's disease and make treatment recommendations for patients and their domestic treating physicians with the modern tools. Patients just upload their medical records and test reports to our patient management system platform. The physicians can login the patient management system (password protected) and review patient’s medical records. The consultants will make specific and detailed reports in 3-5 business days. Patients can enjoy the diagnosis and treatment advice written by leading experts worldwide without travel. VIP World Medical’s consultants provide patients the diagnostic advices and treatment recommendations. These experts provide you comprehensive, professional, appropriate diagnosis and treatment advice based on your medical records.

Who are suitable for remote consultation? 

Remote consultation can help patients break through geographical and language limitation and maximize global medical resource sharing. Patients can take advantage of the world's most advanced diagnostic tools and experiences of top consultants. In general, patients with the following conditions will be suitable for remote consultation to get a "second medical opinion".

• Patients who have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and hope to be confirmed by other experts;
• The diagnosis was not confirmed or the diseases are incurable in their home countries;
• Patients are not sure if the current surgery or treatments are the best solutions or not;
• Patients who are not satisfied with the previous treatments or the therapeutic effect is not ideal;
• The diagnosis and treatment plans are different from domestic hospitals;
• Hope to receive the latest or ideal treatment solutions from top medical experts.


1. What do patients provide for remote consultation?
Patients should aim to provide more detailed medical records.
a: Medical summary (preferably written by a doctor);
b: Recent laboratory report: blood, urine, stool routine, biochemistry, liver and kidney function, tumor markers, etc.;
c: Imaging data: X line, CT, MRI, ECT, PET-CT, B extra sound;
d: Pathological data: pathology report, and tissue biopsy paraffin blocks;
e: Clinical diagnostic records;
f: Treatment: surgical records of various treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and cycle records;
g: Other: such as hepatitis, smoking history, family history and so on.

2. How long do patients receive the consultation reports?
It normally takes 3-5 days to receive the reports after patients pay the service fee.

3. Why do patients need the medical advice from top consultants?
Our remote consultation offers patients access to the expertise of world-class medical experts without the expense of travel. The experts will provide the personalized, comprehensive report to confirm the diagnosis, propose the treatment plan and additional recommendations. Patients can stay at home to communicate with experts (“face to face”) in real time, which will help patients make the right decisions about their health.

4. Who are the physicians VIP World Medical collaborates with?
VIP World Medical collaborates with the world’s consultants who are affiliated with top hospitals worldwide.

5. How does VIP World Medical maintain member privacy?
VIP World Medical complies with all relevant state, national and international laws and regulations including the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. To read the VIP World Medical Privacy Policy, visit Unless required by law, the member’s specific name and medical information will NOT be shared with anyone without the member’s written consent.

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