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Medical Tourism in Cyprus
Address:  Major Cities in Cyprus
Country:  Cyprus
Languages Spoken:  English, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian
International Patients:  Accept
Translator Available:  Yes
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Known as Aphrodite’s Birth place, Cyprus is the Mediterranean island located at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West. The island boasts a wealth of history and heritage, whilst also offering championship golf courses, inviting beaches, breathtaking mountain trails and luxurious hotels. The island also enjoys a prosperous service-based economy, where English is widely spoken. Blessed with a mild climate and predictable sunshine almost every day, Cyprus is also the ideal destination to endorse recuperation for the patient. Cyprus is at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and boasts a wealth of history and heritage. Being a full member of the European Union, has validity and conforms to EU codes of conduct, thus providing peace of mind to the patient. Island wide, our chosen associate facilities and hospitals are well equipped, offering medical experts and staff of exceptionally high standards.

Travelers are not apprehensive about coming to Cyprus, as it is an established and popular tourist destination which is safe, with no political unrest. The island also enjoys a prosperous service-based economy, where English is widely spoken - a fundamental element for our success. Because we are blessed with a mild climate and predictable sunshine almost every day, is also the ideal destination to endorse recuperation for the patient.

Cyprus is a country which over the years has been established as very popular tourist destinations not only in terms of leisure and in general holidays, but also in terms of its emerging significance as Medical Tourism Destinations. This is evidently not surprising as a country manage to combine a temperate Mediterranean climate with some of the highest level medical services worldwide comprised of medical professionals (including doctors and supporting staff) who have graduated from some of the most well-known educational institutions in Europe and the United States of America, and who continue being up to date with the most recent news in the medical industry; thus being able to provide the latest generation of treatments and surgeries. In addition offers secure and easily accessible destinations with no political turmoil/civil wars, as a member of the European Union and the Euro currency.

We provide a seamless experience for our patients by ensuring a professional, personalized and empathetic process, where expectations and requirements are surpassed. Our Personalized Concierge Service is comprehensive and tailor made to the particular needs of our clients, taking into account any special requirements they may have. Prior to every patients’ arrival a designated staff member will ensure quality care and an unrivaled experience is planned and then provided throughout their stay, down to the finest detail. We aspire to offer our international patients a positive life changing experience, by providing access to our leading surgeons, quality service and uncompromised healthcare, combined with cutting edge technology.

We are compassionate and caring professionals who provide a coordinated personalized patient service. They ensure all necessary arrangements are made, taking every detail into account.



We offer a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition through our medical board, who will review your scans, films and medical history, whilst noting your condition, its cause and severity. A report of their findings will be sent to you and we will then discuss the results and possible treatment path with you, to determine if you are a candidate for the services we offer.

Becoming A Patient

Once you have undergone the Comprehensive Diagnosis & Clinical Assessment and your chosen surgeon has confirmed you are a candidate for surgery, your quotation will be prepared for your proposed treatment. Once this quotation has been received and accepted, you will be officially considered a patient with us. Communication and planning with your designated patient representative begins from this point on.

Personal Assistance

Prior to your arrival and throughout your stay on the beautiful island of Cyprus, personal attention is provided to both our patients and their companions by their delegated representative. Our team is composed of individuals with extensive experience in the field, who are fluent in a multitude of languages and will be there for you every step of the way. Our staff is on hand to answer any questions and ensure all needs are met – guaranteeing a flawless experience.

Once the surgeon's availability and dates are confirmed, we will begin to plan your trip by managing the surgical scheduling, hotel accommodation and local transfers. Patients are advised to travel with a companion and are normally required to remain in for the minimum of 2 weeks, in order to undergo surgery and safely recuperate; however, you will be advised accordingly.

Your designated staff member will ensure all required medical records are available in our system and advise you on any necessary travel documentation needed whilst also providing any other information you may require.

You will receive your personalized schedule and all the relevant information you need in order to prepare for your journey and surgery, ten days prior to your travel to Cyprus. You will also be provided with a local telephone number, at this time, for a cell phone you will be given throughout your stay with us, so your family and friends may contact you directly.

This enables our patients to enjoy their trip, safe in the knowledge that everything has been accounted for.



The moment you arrive in you will be met by our driver and assigned the representative, who will accompany you to your hotel. Once you have been checked-in to your hotel, your carer will go over your personalized schedule and answer any further questions you may have, providing any clarifications. At this time you will also be provided with a prepaid local cell phone (for which you will have already received the number) in order to easily contact us on a 24 hour basis.


You will be accompanied to all doctor's appointments, pre and post operatively throughout your stay by our staff. Normally, on the morning of your scheduled surgery, you will be admitted to the facility where pre operative consultation and tests will be performed. While you undergo your surgery, our representative will attend to your companions’ every need, ensuring they are informed of your surgical progress.

Once Surgery has been performed and you have been discharged from our facility, you may enjoy a relaxing and well deserved recuperation in the luxury of your hotel.

Our Resident Practitioner (RP) will then monitor your recovery on a daily basis, ensuring the healing process is smooth, in the presence of your delegated carer.


Each patient reacts to surgery in different ways. One individual may be more sensitive to post operative pain, whereas another may be pain free and rearing to go! Depending on how you feel and only with the approval of your surgeon, shopping and sightseeing excursions may be organized whereby you and your companion can absorb some of the rich history has to offer.


To be considered healthy enough to return home, your surgeon and our RP will confer on your healing progress and providing all is as it should be, you will be deemed “fit to fly”.

Once you are deemed “fit to fly” by your surgical experience with us is almost over. A Certificate of Health, (the “fit to fly” document) shall be prepared for you, as will any post operative instructions and other documents you may require.

You will be accompanied to the airport by our staff, who will ensure this last leg of your experience runs smoothly, taking care of any last details with regards to your homebound flight.

Post-Operative Follow-Up

Once you are home safe and sound, our staff will still be in contact with you regularly and can arrange any necessary follow-up, you may require, where your surgeon shall liaise with your local practitioner and also through our Associate Doctor’s Network. In order to ensure the best medical aftercare, we will maintain contact with you on a timely basis (3, 6 and 12 months and then annually for a five year period). This will allow us to keep record of your post surgical recovery rate and overall surgical success.

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