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Appointment Services For Treatment In USA

1, Free consultation
Our medical advisers will understand the basic condition of patients and introduce medical treatment in USA, including hospitals, doctors and process, etc.

2, Sign the paperwork
Medical advisers will prepare the paperwork, such as service agreement, etc. Patients sign them and pay related service fee.

3, Medical record collection
Patients upload detailed medical records to our patient management system platform. The medical records include, but are not limited to:

a: Medical summary (preferably written by a doctor);
b: Recent laboratory report: blood, urine, stool routine, biochemistry, liver and kidney function, tumor markers, etc.;
c: Imaging data: X line, CT, MRI, ECT, PET-CT, B extra sound;
d: Pathological data: pathology report, and tissue biopsy paraffin blocks;
e: Clinical diagnostic records;
f: Treatment: surgical records of various treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and cycle records;
g: Other: such as hepatitis, smoking history, family history and so on.

4, Make appointments with hospital and physician
VIP World Medical's medical advisers will make appointments with hospital and physician and submit required medical information to hospital according to the standard format and encryption ICD-9 codes.  The medical information will include evaluation forms, pathology reports, history of disease, domestic drug report, the current treatment assessment, physical parameters of the report, the latest condition analysis, etc. After we successfully make an appointment with hospital, hospital will send invitation letter, detailed referral schedule, requirement of original medical materials and biopsy, hospital bank transfer information, introduction of hospital and departments, etc. to patients. So you will have a clear understanding of treatment in USA.

5, Follow-up visits
After you finish the treatment in USA, VIP World Medical's medical consultants will follow up with you and help you carry out rehabilitation.  Our medical consultants also report patients’ recent conditions to treating physicians in and inform patients the treating physician’s rehabilitation recommendations.

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