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Medical tourism is growing in at a steady rate.  Healthcare in developed Nations is far expensive in case of patients who have chronic ailments and make multiple visits to hospitals.  Expensive and complex surgeries like heart or kidney transplant draw many medical tourists to other countries every year who return to their countries satisfied with their professionalism and friendly attitude of the care giving staff. Annual patient visits for care like cardiac bypass surgery, knee replacement, cataract and cosmetic procedures like facelift. 

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Why choose VIP World Medical for medical tourism?

20+ countries for medical tourism;

80+ destinations (cities) around the world;

800+ hospitals & partners worldwide;

50,000+ well-known international doctors;

Free quote & evaluation;

Free medical record organization & storage;

Free selection of hospitals & physicians;

100% satisfaction guarantee.

What will VIP World Medical do for medical tourists?

From quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time, the benefits of travelling for medical treatment are many. With a highly competent and experienced medical panel, extensive alliances with world class hospitals, elaborate network of logistics and dedicated personnel to fulfill patient's various needs, we endeavor to provide our patients with the best medical treatments at affordable cost, relaxed accommodation and stress-free transportation options.

We aim to provide quality and personalized service to our patients at each step. Our services begin right from the stage we receive a query from a patient. Following are all the services mentioned below with their details.

• Consultation of Medical Reports with the specialized doctors when the patients are in the home country and communicating the same to the patients.

Once we receive a query form duly filled by the patient, we start working on the same. We send an introduction email to the patient asking for more details of medical treatment required along with scanned copies of their medical reports/x-rays/scans/medical history/any reference form the local doctor or any other detail. Once we receive their response, we go through them and send the same to specialized hospitals for their review and response.  We receive responses from hospitals in two to three working days which include details of treatment advised by the specialist; details of the doctor, length of stay required in and cost estimates. We make sure to take opinions from at least two to three hospitals to facilitate comparison with regards to treatment details and cost. We send all the received details to the patient. The responses are followed by promptly answering all the queries patients may have relating to the response.

• Assistance in Medical Visa Appointments

Once the patient is satisfied with respect to the advised treatment and hospital and finalize their plan for coming to destination, we assist the patient in obtaining medical visa. The patient has to apply visa in their home country. We provide an invitation letter to the patient from the respective hospital which is required for submitting their visa application. Also, our team is trained to provide any information/query that the patient may have regarding medical visa and medical attendant visa.

• Travel Arrangements (including pick up and drop from the airport)

Once the patient has got visa, the next step is arrival to destination. We ask the patient to provide us the airline details of their arrival in destination country. Once we receive the flight details, we arrange for the airport pick up of the patient and attendant. Our representative is also there always with the driver for picking up at the airport holding the name card of the patient. Once they are here, we can arrange for their day to day transfers to the hospital.

• Accommodation

Before arrival in destination country, we also send details of various accommodation options available nearest to the hospital to the patient along with their price. The patient can go through the same and advise us accordingly for booking the same. There are number of options available like hotels/motels/guest houses suiting every budget and we maintain a very good relationship with them and they provide quality care and services to the patients. For accommodation the patient can either pay at the hotel or they can pay us according to their convenience.

• Personalized executive for accompanying for all visits to hospitals and clinics

A personalized executive is assigned to each patient who meets and greets the patient at the airport and drop them comfortably at their guest house/hotel. He accompanies the patients in all their trips to the hospital/clinic and arrange for appointment booking, making payment at the bill desk, admission, discharge and all the other arrangements required at the hospital. Please note any such facility is not provided by any hospital to international patients.

Along with the personalized executive, a senior executive including myself or from our top management is also available every time on phone calls/emails anytime for any assistance that is required.

We take utmost care of our patients during their whole stay and attend and address all their queries/needs effectively and in no time. Our executive is present with the patient during all the tests, consultations, surgery, post surgery recovery for continuous physical and moral support.

• International Translators

Some patients do not know English we have in panel translators which we can assign to the patient for all the communication.

Also we can guide them continuously on various nearby food outlets/departmental stores where international cuisine is available. Almost all the guest houses have kitchen facility, as the stay is generally long the patients can cook their food as well.

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